JMEA Meets with Secretary to Special Advisor Seichi Eto

On February 8, 2016, JMEA held an hour-long meeting with the Secretary to House of Councillors member Seichi Eto, special advisor to the Prime Minister and head of the Investigative Committee for Disabled Children.

We requested Mr. Eto’s support for government funding of research on ME as a neurological disease. We discussed NIH’s ME/CFS study under the direction of NINDS, mounting global opposition to the 2011 Lancet PACE study, ongoing clinical drug trials for the treatment of ME in other countries, and new research being started in Japan in cooperation with the Association. We further urged that the “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” disease name to be changed in Japan, explaining that that name has perpetuated the erroneous view that the disease is merely an illness of chronic fatigue.

We informed Mr. Eto’s Secretary about our meetings with the Minister of Health and the president of Japan Medical Association with our requests for increased ME research.

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